Don’t be a fool and fall for all that false and misleading information like epigenetics and DES as causing Gender Dysphoria.


For starters, take a look at a paper about epigenetics sent to me by a reader:

“The disparate maternal aunt-uncle ratio in male transsexuals: an explanation invoking genomic imprinting.” by Green R, Keverne EB. Journal of Theoretical Biology. 2000 Jan 7;202(1):55-63. Source: Department of Psychiatry, Charing Cross Hospital, London, W6 8RF, UK.

As you can see, the article comes from the Journal of THEORETICAL biology. It is purely a theory paper. Epigenetics has not been proved but has been debunked.

  • The fact is they did not test epigenetics in any subject in this paper. In fact, this paper was a response to work that was done by Dr. William J Turner.
  • Dr. Turner found that there was a high rate of wastage of blood uncles on the female side in homosexuals suggesting that trinucleotie repeat expansion affects epigenetics in this group.
  • Dr. Turner then found this pattern also for transvestites, transsexuals, and asexual. In fact, he published and presented his findings at congresses in 1995.
  • One of Dr. Turner’s assistants did a study also and found that there was no such pattern among transsexuals who were members of an SRS group.
  • Drs. Ebers and Rice also found that there was no such pattern among homosexuals of skewed uncle ratio that would indicate an epigenetic factor for homosexuals.
  • Further, Dr. Bernard Zuger did not find this pattern for young kids with GID in a sample of 55 kids.
  • Dr. Sven Bocklandt looked at the epigenomes of homosexuals and did not find anything peculiar based upon this theory.

Since the theoretical paper of Green is therefore invalidated, so are the findings of Dr Turner.

However, there was one other group that Dr. Turner referenced that had the pattern, and this was of the work of Dr. George Winokur that shows that those with bipolar disorder with or without suicide have this also. It is a marker for this disorder and this has been replicated over and over. It is not surprising then that those with bipolar could mask in some cases as homosexuals, transsexuals, transvestites, asexual or bisexuals. But then again, it is comorbidity with bipolar and suicide, not gender identity or sexual orientation per se.


Secondly, the idea of DES causing gender variations has been debunked also, so it is foolish to embrace purely false information.

The world’s #1 researcher in this area of study, Dr Heino Meyer-Bahlburg, in 2005, was asked

Has Dana Beyer’s group’s research on DES and gender dysphoria (presented in Minot) has caused you to re-consider the effects of progesterone on gender identity or gender role behavior?”

He responded:

There is no proven link because

1. This was not a systematic comparison study.
Instead, high likelihood of self-selection bias. Between the late 1940s and 1971 large numbers of people were prenatally exposed to DES. Just by chance substantial subgroups with (unrelated) problems of many sorts should exist; some of those will attribute their problems to DES.

2. Definitive documentation of DES exposure is largely missing from their cases.

In conclusion, there is no objective proof of a link to epigenetics or DES as the cause for the onset of transgenderism.

Transgenders are just normal males and not a smidgen of abnormality exists in the genetic make-up of transgenders. The males are normal.

We now know gender issues are psycho-social or psychological, and perhaps psychiatric issues exist in transgenders which manifest in gender identity issues.

Walt Heyer