The activists now offer a transgender camp for boys where they can indoctrinate and manufacture trans-kids three to eight years old. (1)

If you were not sickened by my previous blog post where we learned up to 94% of kids diagnosed as dysphoric transgenders were just normal kids, not transgender at all, this one will have you screaming at the total madness of how kids are being abused under the activists’ cloak of tolerance and diversity.

Activists have a history of insisting that transgenders are born that way. The latest research must be making them quake in their boots. Child development research shows that the vast majority of kids are just normal kids, never dysphoric transgenders.

The activists will have to switch tactics, or at least incorporate some new ones, to take advantage of other research that shows

Children learn at a very early age what it means to be a boy or a girl in our society. Through a myriad of activities, opportunities, encouragements, discouragements, overt behaviors, covert suggestions, and various forms of guidance, children experience the process of gender role socialization. (2)

Transgenders aren’t born that way; they are taught. The author, Dr. Susan Witt, unwittingly gave the activists the keys to unlocking the secret of how to make transgender kids from boys who otherwise would just be boys.

The new face of activism in the trans-world is to support, encourage, and coach boys in how to be girls. Getting the boys indoctrinated at a young age cements the confusion in their still-forming brains.

Activists want to change gender roles in our society. They have started their own transgender manufacturing camp for kids where they influence family social structure away from one built on male and female genders.The four-day camp, for children and parents, is the perfect setting to provide trans activities and opportunities for young boys, to encourage and brainwash them into thinking they are trans and always will be.

Let’s face it: this is pure childhood abuse. It’s appalling when adults deliberately use kids as pawns and destroy their gender identity to advance an agenda for massive social change.

I know it is pure abuse. My grandmother did this same thing to me and eventually it destroyed my life. All because she enjoyed dressing me in a purple chiffon dress so I would look like a little girl. She was nuts.

Who has the huevos to stand up and shout out to protect the kids from this type of abuse?

Will anyone on Fox News such as Bill O’Reilly or Megan Kelly expose these camps and help these kids? Or will they just turn away? Does anyone care?

Walt Heyer


(1) Secret Camp Teaching Boys 3-8 To Be Transgender
In News / By Brandon Walker / on June 9, 2014 At 10:05 pm /

(2) Susan D. Witt, PhD, Parental Influence on Children’s Socialization to Gender Roles, Adolescence, Summer, 1997,